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Travel Resolutions For Every New Year

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Check out these easy breezy travel resolutions for every New Year because, let’s face it, travel never goes out of style!

Take at least one unplugged vacation or getaway

In an article by The Boston Globe, a man decided to travel to Australia completely camera-less – at first, out of necessity but ultimately he said he was better for it.  While we commend his efforts to unplug and to live in the moment and not experience the world behind the lens of a camera, we’re suggesting you take a moment away from your iPad and stop thinking about those work emails.  Designate a time (especially with your travel companions) to be device-less and devote attention to your getaway.  Give your mind (and eyes) a chance to relax from looking at a computer or smartphone screen and soak up the adventure that awaits you.  You’ll thank us later!

Experience one place you’ve never been before

Whether it’s a new city, country, or continent to add to your bucket list, if you resolve to visit a new place every New Year, you’ll never have a shortage of places you want to go. By adding this travel resolution for every new year you encounter, you’ll be sure to commit to seeing the world one place at a time – and who doesn’t want that?

Change Your Perspective – Revisit A Place You’ve Been Before

We know that Americans have very limited vacation time and while this may seem contradictory to the previous resolution but hear us out – sometimes you take a trip to your hometown for the holidays, or you take a weekend “staycation” to a nearby city just a few hours away.  Instead of visiting your favorite barbecue joint every time you visit, see the town with new eyes by trying new restaurants or visiting a new park or attraction.  Every experience, even if it’s in a place you’re familiar with, has the potential to leave a lasting impression on you.

Travel…For the Food

There are plenty of places in the world that you might not rank highly on your bucket list.  Perhaps Elvis’ Graceland isn’t your cup of tea – but there’s something intriguing about Elvis’ Peanut Butter, Banana, and Bacon sandwich that has you thinking twice.  By getting out of your comfort zone and choosing the destination for its food, you might surprise yourself.  For me, I never thought I would go to Tampa, Florida – it just wasn’t high on my list and if it wasn’t for a conference I attended, I probably wouldn’t have gone.  However, a Travel Channel feature about a restaurant in Tampa put the place on the map for me (who could say no to Meatloaf Stuffed with Macaroni and Cheese?).  Your love for food will help you discover places you might never have considered in the first place – and both your stomach and wanderlust will be fulfilled!

Introduce a Friend to the Joys of Travel

If there’s one thing everyone should do, it would be to add this travel resolution to their New Year’s list.  Whether it’s a short road trip to a nearby landmark or a European vacation, introduce a friend to what it means to be a world traveler.  Too often, young Americans get bogged down with the pressures of school and work and forget that time meant to be set aside for rejuvenation and relaxation ultimately becomes more time to do work.  Share your joy of travel with your friends and invite them to experience it for themselves.  “I hate traveling the world” said no one ever.  The time is NOW.  By reading this post, you’ve helped me fulfill this travel resolution and I hope you seriously take me up on this offer.