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Here’s which Taylor song you should boogie to at every Eras Tour city

Group of travellers in Paris

Guys, it’s finally happening, the Eras Tour is hitting Europe in less than a month and we couldn’t be more excited! Picture this: you’re on your merry way to your concert city, you’re travelling through Europe, perhaps for the first time, and it feels like you’re in wonderland. Paris under the Eiffel Tower (munching on a croissant), Berlin’s best underground clubs, or London walking Camden Market in the afternoon. 

And though you’re there for the concert, you need some tunes to hold you over – a tune to mark the occasion and complete this beautiful travel moment. Luckily for you, we’re here to help. So grab a pen and an old napkin and let’s find out which terrific Taylor track best matches the Eras Tour cities!  

QUIZ! Which Era are you?

QUIZ! Which Era are you?

Charlie Fabre
by Charlie Fabre Sep 25, 2023

1. Fall head over heels for Paris with Love Story

How could the city of love not be graced with Taylor’s iconic Love Story? Spend a romantic day visiting the underrated yet stunning Musée de L’Orangerie for somewhere you can be alone. Then grab a pain au chocolat to snack on while you walk down the Seine and up at the Champs de Mars. Don’t forget to check out one of Paris’s iconic street-side bistros for an early dinner. Then close your eyes and let those beautiful flashbacks start…

Paris dates: 9-12th of May

travellers at Moulin Rouge in Paris

Image source:Contiki

2. Don’t Blame Me if I end up moving to Stockholm

Colourful buildings, amazing pastries you’ll be craving, art museums, and idyllic docks; Stockholm is a perfect destination and it might just make you crazy. It’s got just the right amount of cool that matches Don’t Blame Me’s vibe to a T, so bopping down the street to this is only right.

Stockholm dates: 17-19th of May

Stockholm for the weekend: how to spend the perfect 48 hours

Stockholm for the weekend: how to spend the perfect 48 hours

Ginny Copestake
by Ginny Copestake Jul 08, 2015

3. It’s a Cruel Summer in Lisbon

Oh did we say cruel? We meant totally cool. As far as Eras Tour cities go, Lisbon is bright and sunny and the life of the party! Head to the beach for a swim, hit the highstreet for some shopping, and bask in that warm ever-present light. Plus, admire some of Lisbon’s most colourful architecture along the way. It’s a vibe, it’s high energy, so what better song to accompany your Lisbon escapade than the fun and flirty Cruel Summer!

Lisbon dates: 24-25th of May

young people at a table in lisbon, portugal

Image source:Contiki

4. Edinburgh deserves a cosy tune like Betty

Book lovers, history buffs, and fans of charming cities gather: Edinburgh is absolutely the perfect place for you – especially if you decided to visit in the crisp but magical autumn or winter season. Listen to Betty, a tune off one of Taylor’s most Scotland-coded albums, and read in the window of the Waterstones on Prince Street which offers the most beautiful views of Edinburgh Castle. 

Edinburgh dates: 7-9th of June

5. London Boy for, you guessed it, London!

I mean, Taylor did all the work for us here by providing a detailed list of all the must-see areas in London! So make sure you’re bopping around to this tune while you visit the West End and Mayfair, and sing it out loud with your new British pub mates as you watch rugby with their school friends. London is one of the most vibrant Eras Tour cities, so much so that she’s performing here twice!

London dates: 21-23rd of June and 15-20th of August 

View of St. James' Park in London

Image source:Contiki

6. Escape to Dublin to live out your Wildest Dreams

The Irish countryside is handsome as hell and you’d be doing yourself a massive favour by booking a little weekend escape there! Stroll along the coasts and the cliffs, feel the wind in your hair, and then settle back into vibrant Dublin for one of the best live music scenes in Europe. The cobblestone streets, the green and orange bunting, the Guinness! Wildest Dreams is the tune that should define your best Irish life while you visit this Eras Tour city.

Dublin dates: 28-30th of June

What to do with 2 days in Dublin

What to do with 2 days in Dublin

by Nicholas Hastie Jul 10, 2018

7. Loving Amsterdam was Red

No, this choice has nothing to do with the Red Light District (though what a great coincidence). Instead, it has everything to do with the fact that Red is a party-country tune, the best of both-worlds, and if you know Amsterdam, you know it’s just that. Amsterdam puts on a cosy and charming front with its canal, endless cyclists with adorable wicker baskets, and of course the tulips. But it’s also home to a wicked nightlife. Once you’ve been, forgetting Amsterdam is like trying to remember a destination you’ve never been to before!

Amsterdam dates: 4-6th of July

A group of people traveling on bikes near a canal.

Image source:Contiki

8. Become a Suburban Legend in Zürich

Light and dreamy, this song perfectly captures the vibe of Zürich. This Swiss city is beautiful and idyllic – you’ll feel like you’re floating on air as you discover the colourful Scandi-inspired architecture of the pre-medieval Old Town. Tick-tock, time’s running out for you to explore this national treasure before other avid travellers take over, so enjoy the mountain air by the docks of Lake Zürich in peace while you can.

Zürich dates: 9-10th of July

9. Hit up Milan in Style

One of Europe’s (and the world’s) biggest fashion capitals, how can you NOT listen to Taylor’s iconic tune Style when you’re there? Don your boldest red lip as you traipse through the pretty streets of Milan, window-shopping and imagining yourself in the most stunning of outfits, indulging in the finest of things. You can also zoom over to famous Lake Como for a weekend of luxury with a James Dean-type travel companion. Lush!

Milan dates: 13-14th of July

10. I Know Places in Munich 

Munich is looked to in the fall for Oktoberfest, but it seems relatively forgotten about the rest of the year. And what a mistake that is! Of all the German Eras Tour cities, Munich is one of country’s best hidden gems, and that’s why Taylor’s I Know Places is the perfect anthem to represent it. Get lost staring up at the timeless Bavarian architecture (all colourful walls and exposed beams), and enjoy an apple strudel as a light snack before a hearty German meal.

Munich dates: 27-28th of July

3 nature spots to visit on a day trip from Munich

3 nature spots to visit on a day trip from Munich

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11. Follow your Invisible String to the immortal Vienna

Sweet and classic, infused with a majestic cultural scene complete with prestigious ballet and dressage schools as well as impressive art museums, Vienna is the city for lovers of all things pretty. Play Invisible String, a gentle ballad, as you check out the museum quarter or even pop into a stunning opera. These two go hand in hand, trust us.

Vienna dates: 8-10th of August

Vienna, Austria

Image source:Dan V / unsplash

Other European cities fans will love

1. Party in Prague to 22

You may not know much about Prague but we’ll bet you want to. A trip to the Czech Republic’s capital spells only one thing: a few nights you won’t be sleeping. It’s young, it’s a little bit hipster, and it’s cool; it’s one of the best cities to visit if you’re a fan of history and culture by day and party and celebration by night. It’s a shame Prague isn’t one of the Eras Tour cities because it’s less miserable and more magical, and you’d be partying the night away! 

10 Best Things to do in Prague at Night

10 Best Things to do in Prague at Night

Rianna Le
by Rianna Le Aug 24, 2023

2. Live carefree with I Knew You Were Trouble in Berlin

Stockholm’s older sister, Berlin is just as cool as the Swedish capital, but it’s also got a fun edge to it. The place where all cultures and styles collide, you’re guaranteed to have an exhilarating time here, and maybe make a few questionable choices along the way… But it’s all for the plot and this is why I Knew You Were Trouble is the perfect anthem for Berlin!

3. Make Rome your ultimate End Game

I mean, all roads lead to Rome, right? So it’s the perfect End Game to your European odyssey (and this would have been a PERFECT Eras Tour city to end the tour). Rome’s got a big reputation for being one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Europe, and it certainly lives up to the expectation. A perfect mash up of past and present influence, there’s a little bit for everyone in timeless Rome.

4. Become one of the New Romantics in Florence

Classic and flirty, Florence is Italy’s answer to Paris, with its storied cobblestones and sunkissed buildings. New Romantics’ lively beat is paired perfectly while skipping down the streets of Florence in a true ‘main character’ moment. It’s the home of some of Italy’s most famous and enchanting contributions to art and architecture, and many of Florence’s most pristine art galleries and attractions are free, such as the Uffuzi Gallery, the Basilica de Santa Maria Novella, and the famed Duomo. After all, the best places in life are free…

Florence, Italy

Image source:Contiki

5. Become Fearless on your trip to Dubrovnik

We really don’t know how it gets better than this: azure water, pinky-white beaches, a historic city, beautiful hikes to enjoy the sights. Dubrovnik has gained in popularity lately, but it’s still kind of on the quiet side of tourism even though it deserves all the love! This is definitely a dark horse amongst all the non-Eras Tour cities. So, we challenge you to go out to prove how Fearless you can be and listen to this iconic tune as you go out and explore this soon to be iconic destination.

6. Shine and glitter in the Bejeweled Budapest 

Budapest, one of the crowning jewels of eastern Europe, is a city of many gems. From heated public baths which steam right into the open air, to ruin bars which give your nightlife a new quirky spin; it’s a unique and dazzling city. It only makes sense for you to blast Taylor’s feel good bop Bejeweled as you catch the golden reflection of the houses of parliament making the whole Danube shimmer. 

Other Eras Tour cities

Taylor is also hitting up these fantastic European locations:

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