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The 15 most bonkers travel gadgets of 2017

New trip, new opportunity to load up on fun travel gadgets, right? 2017 has seen some good gadgets (underwater drones, a brand-new Polaroid camera etc.) but it has definitely also had its fair share of 'unique' products.

If you’re in the market for things you didn’t know you needed until now, check out these bonkers travel gadgets that wowed and confused the world in 2017:

This portable Foot Rest that you’re gonna hang where exactly?

Travel gadgets - food rest

If you can successfully utilize this without either breaking your airplane tray table or realizing there’s just no room for it, more power to you, but we just don’t see it. Get it here.

This Travel pillow that is the opposite of conspicuous


Nothing screams ‘do not disturb’ like a giant sleeping contraption. We feel sorry for the bladder of the person in the window seat beside the users of this so-called-pillow. Get it here.

travel gadgets

This travel bidet

travel gadgets - bidet

Because why should you compromise your bathroom routine in any bathroom around the world? Get it here.

This selfie backpack

Travel gadgets - selfie backpack

Because someone told a backpack maker that out of all of the backpack qualities millennials are looking for, a giant place to feature our selfies is high on the list. Get it here.

The Dadbag

Because not only are fanny packs back in style, but so are dadbods, so why not combine them… Get it here.

The ultimate portable razor

Travel gadgets - razor

Because who knows, you might need water, shave lotion and a razor blade at any time, anywhere in the world. Get it here.

This travel pillow / chin hammock

Travel gadgets - chin hammock

It looks super easy to install and doesn’t at all remind us of a Saw movie trap, not one bit. Our gag reflex is triggered just looking at this… Get it here.

This lady wee device

travel gadgets - go girl

For when standing up is the only way you can go. Extension pack available if needed. Get it here.

Speakeasy Briefs

Travel gadgets - speakeasy briefs

Because travel belts just weren’t difficult enough to access when you needed to get your stuff out in public. Get it here.

This Luggage Scooter

Because sometimes those moving sidewalks in the airport just aren’t going fast enough. Get it here.

And the motorized version if you’re extra adverse to walking

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Apparently, you can ride up to six miles on a single charge, and it charges fully in one hour. Get it here.

This backpack ventilation fan

travel gadgets - backpack fan

Because no one likes a sweaty backpack back. Get it here.

This headphone and mic combo built for ultimate discretion

Travel gadgets - voice mask

Because no one else should have to hear your embarrassing phone calls back home to your parents. Get it here.

This handsfree umbrella

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Because we wanna be dry. Fashion is overrated. Get it here.

The Ta-Ta Towel

Travel gadgets - tata towel

Because hotel bathrooms can get hot, and hotel towels don’t always cut it. Get it here.

Have more weird new travel gadgets to add to the list? Leave them in the comments below!

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