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Bungee jumping taught me a very important life lesson: to just let go

Ever been left speechless by a travel experience? An experience which is so incredible, it's impossible to explain to someone?

Well, that’s exactly how I felt about Bungee Jumping.

When you love something and would do almost anything to get it, that’s when you know you’ve found your passion. Growing up as a teenager, travel was all I could think about; how much money I needed and when I could finally get on the road. When I got my first payed job, I saved up enough money to travel to my first destination. I was over the moon to finally be travelling, particularly as it was on this trip that I would bungee jump for the first time. It was here that the lesson of letting go presented itself in my life.

Bungee jump sterkfontein lodge

Anyone who bungee jumps for the first time has an overwhelming rush of feelings – nerves, excitement and worry all at once. I could’ve bungee jumped years back when the opportunity presented itself, but I was scared. Not so much so of the rope snapping, but of the unknown. Of letting go of fears that were holding me back from jumping, and living. I was comfortable with my safe life.

As I watched people jump, some screamed and others laughed. I wondered what I was going to do once I got to the edge. Eventually when my turn came I said a little prayer…Dear Lord, I know you can hear me and so I ask that you give me the courage and strength to live in the space of letting go, of all my fears and worries. Allow me, to allow myself to jump off with all my fears, throw them up in the air to you and let go. Once I said my prayer, I jumped off and felt myself let go of everything that was heavy on my heart.

It was the most liberating experience of my life.

Bungee jumping for the first time that weekend represented a fundamental turning point in my life. Nothing until that point had had a greater impact on me emotionally, mentally, spiritually and psychologically like that experience. It introduced me to my path, to myself and learning to embody my truth: which is being a traveller. Life is neither perfect nor easy, but living in the space of letting go, as I learned to do while I bungee jumped, has made it so much easier to keep moving forward, to keep dreaming, to keep resilient, to keep travelling.

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