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Can I join a Contiki as a solo traveller?

Asking “can I join a Contiki as a solo traveller?” is like asking if you can travel with us when you’re between the ages of 18-35. The answer is a definite YES.
>After 60 years of mastering social travel we still get asked the same thing daily, which is fine…we love the chat. But let’s just put this to rest for now (for 5 minutes) …Did you know that 60% of all Contiki travellers come solo!? We know…BIG NUMBERS. Here’s why so many people join us solo (and why you should, too).

We know what some of you are thinking “Yes but is it REALLY solo travel!?” well…yes and no. Solo travel with Contiki is taking a step outside of your comfort zone, booking that single spot and arriving at your first destination alone, knowing that you’re about to lay eyes on your travel squad (and maybe even love interest) for the first time. It’s knowing that the feeling of being alone won’t last long… It’s exciting, spontaneous travel and it’s something that you will rarely find anywhere else. It’s leaving the 283,394 unread WhatsApp messages on the home holiday group chat unread and opting out of the 128-hotel options decision-making process.

You will of course be joining heaps of other travellers. Some will be in pairs. Some come in whole squads! But the majority will have come alone. And trust us: every single one of them will be as eager to make new BFFs as you are.

We understand when we get asked this question that 90% of the time it’s because you might be nervous about going it alone or worried that you might look like the odd one out turning up without a travel companion. But this is Contiki. And this is what we do best: helping people take the leap, bringing people together, showing them that the world is better when we travel together.

So don’t worry about the accommodation, or transport , or whether you’ll meet anyone new. This is how you make solo travel the most social experience imaginable. (And the fact you’ve even come this far shows that you’re embracing your inner badass). So, the question isn’t “Can I join a Contiki as a solo traveller?” It’s “Where am I guna join Contiki as a solo traveller?” 350 trips. 6 continents. Let’s do this…

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