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Companion robots are now in the world are they’re creepy AF

Not gonna lie, we’ve all been nervously waiting for the day when the news comes out that robots have taken over the planet. Thankfully we’re still in the clear but the bad news is companion robots are coming, and they’re looking to claim their place within our lives, our families, and even in our bedrooms.

While they still haven’t found a way to replace our bae completely, new innovations are being made every month towards a more well-rounded human substitute.

Here are some of the companion robots we’re keeping a close (and wary) eye on going forward:



If the companion robot concept is a bit freaky for you, Kuri is a good introductory model to dip your toes into the robotic world. Kuri isn’t designed to be a human replacement but rather acts like a pet, rolling around and adding some excitement to the household.

Kuri can perform some useful tasks like playing music, telling stories, reminding you to do things and recording 5-second videos of your life, but can’t speak (unless you count robot language).

Kuri also sneezes, laughs, reacts to touch and learns the layout of your home, so you don’t have to worry about them tumbling down stairs or getting stuck in the pile of laundry you’ve left on the floor.



Still far from human, Buddy is a more interactive robot companion who can actually speak English and control aspects of your household. He can manage your connected devices (thermostats, locks, lights), patrol your house for unusual situations, wake you up, remind you of things, read messages, play music and answer calls, and he also speaks fluent English.

Buddy also has a built-in camera to check on things, take photos, facilitate video messaging and has face recognition, and gets involved with your kids by playing hide and seek, educational games, helping with homework and telling stories.



To answer the question you were really wondering all along, there ARE robots who are combining verbal and physical companionship with sexual capabilities as well, and one of the front-runners goes by the name Harmony.

As far as sex dolls go, Harmony is bridging the gap between lifeless and human. She has a robotic head on top of a moveable but non-robotic silicone body, with moving eyes and a mouth that moves when she talks and smiles.

She answers questions and you can even tell her exactly what to say – everything is controlled by an app, including customized personality traits and voices. She has penetrable and customizable body parts, and male versions are in the works as well.

So basically yeah, WTF…



If you’re thinking “ok but bae still cooks me dinner”, the robot world has a solution for that as well – Moley.

Moley is a robotic kitchen that can prepare gourmet meals for you all by itself. All you do is decide what you want to eat and wait patiently – a built-in computer and robotic set of arms get to work prepping, cooking and serving your meal.

Sounds too good to be true? Moley will even clean up after itself too.


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