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The grand finale – Red Bull Can You make It?

The epic Red Bull Can You Make It? adventure came to a close on April 19 as teams from across the globe crossed the finishing line in Paris.

Emotional and tired but riding the wave of having just completed possibly the biggest adventure of their lives, the 165 teams covered a staggering 398,000kms during the week long journey as they made their way to Paris from 1 of 5 European cities, ticking off checkpoints and adventure challenges on route to gain points.

So how did they get around? If you’re thinking ‘easy – money’, oh how wrong you’d be. Setting off from the starting line without money, phones, accommodation plans or even food, each team was armed with just 24 cans of Red Bull as currency to charm, barter and beg their way to Paris. At each checkpoint the teams visited, they were then given another 24 cans of Red Bull currency.

So c’mon, can you guess how many cans of Red Bull were traded in total during the week long extravaganza? A staggering 16,036. Literally, off the chart caffeine levels.

Now this being a journey based purely on blagging skills, some amazing trades were made by the teams (where Red Bull is being traded for an experience). Team trades included a stay in a 5* hotel, bicycles, boat rides, paragliding, indoor and river surfing, indoors skiing, snowboarding in the Alps, commercial flights, helicopter rides and even skydiving. WOW.

But it wasn’t all hotel high rolling and adrenalin dreams. Teams slept in airports, train stations, cars, parking lots and even stairwells, proving that Can You Make It? really is a mental and physical endurance test.

The winning team, Feel Alive! – an all-boys team hailing from Estonia – racked up a whopping 392,422 points by the end of their adventure. Their grand prize is a pretty special one – they will now become Contiki Travel Ambassadors and embark on an epic summer of travel with yours truly. Lucky bunch, eh?

“We met some amazing people on the way, it’s incredible how far you can go with just cans and some charm. It was a tough week but we made it, awesome journey.” - Team Alive!

A huge congrats to the boys and to all Red Bull Can You Make It? teams on conquering one helluva massive adventure. Re-live all of the action over on Red Bull TV now…

The winning team - Feel Alive!

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