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Greek island hopping has something for everyone, and we can prove it

It's a given - Greece is paradise. There are endless things to see, do and eat, but how do you decide where to start when you have 200+ islands to choose from? The answer - Greek Island hopping.

Get a lil taste of a few places for a well-rounded Greek experience and you won’t regret it. Step one, decide what you want to do, and then take a pick from some of the amazing islands we've suggested below:

If you want to eat

Not all Greek food is the same, and not all Greek food is equal. If you’re Greek island hopping, make sure your taste buds are hopping too:

Top spot, Crete. The island is full of locally grown goodness and the culinary scene has thrived on having the tastiest and freshest supplies around.

Second pick, Tinos. Maybe it’s the artsy vibe of the island, its authentic Greek culture or the fact that it’s not as touristy as some of the others, but there’s something about Tinos food that makes it legendary.

Third in line, Sifnos. Because this island seems to just breed amazing Greek chefs.

Greek Island Hopping - for the food

If you want to party

Top spot, Ios – hands down. If you’re on Ios, you can find dancing and music somewhere 24/7. Ios is home to daily pool parties, amazing beach bars and crazy night parties. Far Out Resort is a definite legendary must-do if you’re looking for a good time.

A close second, Mykonos. There are some great beach bars on the island, and some almost Ibiza level clubs as well.

Third runner-up, Rhodes. Great clubs, bars, pubs – there’s a great selection of every kind of party you need in Rhodes.


Greek Island Hopping - for the parties

If you want to do nothing but chill

Greece is basically the chilling capital of Europe, but if you have to choose:

Top choice, Corfu. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, beach time and great nature to wander through, Corfu is where it’s at. There’s a reason why it’s so popular for honeymooners, and that’s because it’s a great place to do a whole lotta nothing.

Second pick, Santorini. The sunsets, views and street music make for the perfect atmosphere to either park yourself in a chair with a good book and some food, or just leisurely wander the days away with no real plan.

Other great options in Hydra, Symi, Milos and Mykonos. Because even partiers need to chill out during the day in Mykonos, and the lesser known islands just ace those island vibes.

Greek lsland Hopping - for relaxing

If you want to sightsee the day away

First pick, Santorini. Just the architecture in Santorini alone is worth wandering the day through and snapping a million photos of. Add in the legendary sunsets, the great selection of ancient ruins, gorgeous churches and adorable donkeys on the crazy stairs, and you have enough material to keep your Instagram feed stocked for months.

Second pick, Crete. Monasteries, check. Ruins, check. Lagoons, harbours and beaches, triple check. Churches, caves, wildlife, it’s all in Crete.

Definitely do as much Greek island hopping as you can and find see it all in the likes of great options like Mykonos, Rhodes and Delos too.

Greek Island Hopping - for sightseeing

If you want to get off the grid

First pick, Hydra. Because nothing says off the beaten track like getting around on a donkey and hiking your way around paradise.

Second pick, Koufonisia. It’s a great place to fish, forget about tourists and enjoy the coastlines.

Runners-up Andros, Patmos and Skyros. Harder to get to, more authentically Greek and just awesome all around.

Greek Island Hopping - off the grid

If you want to get wet and wild with water sports and beach time

The amazing thing about Greek island hopping is that there are virtually endless amounts of coastline and beautiful Mediterranean water. You really can’t go wrong, but if you have to pick:

First choice, Paros. Windsurfing, scuba, shipwreck diving, gorgeous beaches, kayaking, sailing – Paros is the ideal picturesque place to do all of the water things.

Second pick, Mykonos. There are so many drop-dead gorgeous beaches on Mykonos with stunning white sand and crystal clear water, and more snorkelling than you’ll know what to do with.

More great options in Zakynthos, Lefkada, Naxos; the list goes on and on. Greece is where to be if you wanna be in or on the water.


Greek Island Hopping - for the water