Travel Porn

These guys are living their best lives travelling the world as a Stormtroopers

Star Wars fever has been (literally) taking the world by storm for yonks now. Whether you’re for or against the Galactic Empire (there’s only one correct answer to that), you probably spend a good portion of your time wondering what Stormtroopers do on holidays (right?). Well now thanks to the power of Instagram, we have the answer.

That Stormtrooper Guy

While his real identity remains a mystery, That Stormtrooper Guy was one of the first to start documenting his travels across the galaxy way back in April 2015. Two years later and he and his wife are going strong with travel snaps, attending comic events around the world and doing promo for Star Wars.

The Trooper Dude

The Trooper Dude, AKA Tyler Durden, hails from Texas, USA and has been snapping pics with his Trooper mask since May 2016. He’s taken snaps in 18 countries, including many of America’s different states.

Troops Travels PH

Tomas Katindig now lives in the Philippines, saying “after the fall of the Galactic Empire, this Stormtrooper packs his bag and starts traveling the world.” Besides many beautiful shots of Asia and Oceania, he has the best Yoda inspired quote of all: “TRAVEL. DO NOT TRAVEL. THERE IS NO TRY.”

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