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This Magical Lake In Austria Disappears Every Winter

Some fancy philosopher type once said that “beauty is ephemeral”, which is another way or saying nothing lasts forever, and that’s spot on with this stunning lake in Austria that is a lush paradise in summer, and a hardly get your toes wet pond in winter.

Grüner See, which literally means Green Lake, is nestled in the mountains near Tragöess in Austria, and it’s far from an ordinary lake. For a good part of the year it’s home to hikers and nature lovers who pass through the area to get a glimpse of the superb Hochschwab mountain ranges. But then Spring hits and it ALL changes as snow melts on the mountains and rushes down to fill the basin, turning the area into an watery oasis.

Here is the lake at different times to show you how much it rises:

Simple Austria.. ☺ One of the most beautiful lakes #grünersee

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The magical location has naturally attracted plenty of tourists and divers looking to explore the underwater park. Sadly, as of 2016 you can no longer dive, boat or swim (not that swimming would be much fun in the icy waters) in the area as human activity can stir up sediment and damage the ecosystem that creates such unique water colours.

Even if you can’t frolic in the waters, it’s still worth the trip. Imagine the ‘grams! If you want to make sure you’re seeing it in all its deep (or shallow if you want to hike) glory, you can check the water levels on the park’s website here.

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