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5 life lessons inspired by the beautiful people of Bali

On the surface, Bali is mostly perceived as a chaotic popular tourist hub for cheap drinking and partying, however at its core, Bali is a playground of utter spirituality, tranquility and wisdom. Here are a few life lessons to embrace, inspired by the beautiful people of Bali:

The gift of gratitude

When you travel somewhere with less economical stability than your home country, life really is put into perspective of how privileged we are and how easy it is for us to take these things for granted.

The Balinese do not have a lot but are still marked by an unwavering sense of devotion and reverence, by practising gratitude on a daily basis through expressing their thanks to the Source Energy that provides them with their experience here on earth. Their ritual of gratitude makes them some of the happiest and kindest people I have ever met.


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Simplicity is key

The Balinese are a very simple people. In everyday life I often feel the need to do more, have more or achieve more, but whilst travelling through Bali I learnt that striving for more simply detaches you further from reaching your desires and true happiness. Instead of appreciating the present, we have been conditioned to believing that consumption is the road to happiness and a better life.

Learn to find happiness in the small things, from a pretty sunset to the first warm sip of your favourite coffee in the morning, rather than indulging yourself in temporal materialism. The key to contentment is simplicity, something we should be committed to embodying more often.

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Hati Hati

Hati translated in Indonesian means “heart”, and Hati Hati means “take care” or “take it easy”. They use it mostly in the context to ‘slow down’. In our modern fast paced lives we rush everywhere and never take the time to appreciate a moment or fully embrace being present in our surroundings.

In Bali everything is Hati Hati, the Balinese simply go with the flow and everything is done mindfully. Even in the chaotic road system with no road rules and crazy traffic, there is no rushing, with no driver tending to go over 40km/hr even when the roads are clear. My whole trip to Bali was very much in the spirit of Hati Hati; nothing was planned as such, and every day we decided to go with the flow. Even though there were some challenges, we all learnt something valuable from our mishaps.


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Take time for spiritual practices and mindfulness

The majority of the Balinese people are Hindu and as part of this belief system they create offerings to their God three times a day called canang saris, which are beautifully constructed displays. Their spirituality can be seen deep inside them from the way they live in harmony with everything around them.

Witnessing this made me ponder what is my own personal ‘canang saris‘? Even though I don’t identify with a particular religion, I believe in my own inner divinity and a personal destiny, so I am recommitting to my yoga practice and mindful manifestation as my exercise of reverence.


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Money isn't everything

There’s no doubt that Western society has associated the meaning of life with money, and the more we focus on it the more it distracts us from the important things in life. Despite money not being plentiful, the Balinese people are very caring and generous people.

Share what you have and don’t be greedy. Even if you as a traveller aren’t well off enough to be overly financially generous, a smile and your friendliness is always more than appreciated. It’s so easy to get caught up in the commercial way of life revolving around money and work, but values such as family and friendship are priceless. Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

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