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Meet the Instagrammers whose lives make ours look like pre-school

Long gone are the days when you could only get your glimpse of adventure by flicking through the likes of Time, Life or National Geographic magazines.

Today, adventure photography is just a scroll away, and with so many independent photographers documenting their expeditions, Instagram is inundated with dare devil content. We’ve picked out our top adventure Instagram accounts to give you some serious adventure inspo...


This outdoor adventure and lifestyle photographer from the Pacific Northwest may well live in one of the world’s most Insta worthy destinations. Sharing some of the most magnificent dark snow-capped mountains, lakes, nature and wildlife with his 1.2M followers, it’s hard not to want to grab your hiking boots once you’ve checked out his account.

Just an average day in Iceland… Depending on who you choose to hangout with.

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Kalen Thorien

Pro skier? Check. Writer? Check. Photographer? Check. Fire-fighter? Check. Adventurer? Check. Bad ass biker? Check. Talented musician? Check. Incred Instagram? Check, check, check! This chick has it allllll going on and her Instagram page proves it. Hiking, skiing, biking and camping her way around the world, Kalen really lives the open roads and Rock n’ Roll lifestyle.

After three weeks on the road I made it back to Salt Lake last night – bit of a daze, almost feeling like it never happened. This trip had a bit of everything from solo serenity camping under redwood trees to doing 90mph down the LA freeway in traffic hoping I don't shit myself, and linking up with new friends to ride north together – taking the scenic route of course. It was a trip to remember and embodied a key element – trust. More on that later… Huge thanks to everyone along the way for their help and support! @salomon for always supporting my adventures, @saltcitybuilds @f.s.f.i and @dirtyratmotocyco for getting me on the road. @legendsuspensions @bassanixhaust and @memphisshades for getting Blue on point. The crew I met in Eureka that gave me great advice on roads to ride. @chrisburkard for putting me up when every damn campground was full. The badass chick at the laundromat who helped me figure out why my bike was making a bunch of rattling (horn broke off), the old timers at Meyer Flats for the cold beer and amazing conversation, @barnypatrol and @fstopmonk for putting me up in LA and showing me a good time, @reckless_billy_777 for pushing my riding and giving me a proper LA moto baptism, the @sierrastakeout for capping off the trip in style and introducing me to some amazing humans, and the boys at @biltwell for making me look flashy, putting up with my shenanigans (sorry about your tent AGAIN @twofoursixer), and finishing my trip with epic riding and a ton of laughter. Love you all and let the good times roll!! —> ? @twofoursixer #biltwellendlesssummer

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Chris Burkard

No IG adventure list would be complete without this guy. His combination of surfing, climbing and camping outdoor photography has earned him a rather impressive 2.7M followers. The self-taught photographer travels to some next level remote locations, gramming unparalleled landscapes whilst giving us a sneaky peak of just how incredible the world we live in really is.


Doing it for the girls, Jessica proves that it’s not just the boys who can surf, climb, and kayak their way to some seriously awesome Instagram content. Whether it’s camping, horse riding or kayaking, Jessica fully embraces the adventure outside lifestyle to the max.

Jeffrey Spackman

Proving that wanderlust can turn into a reality, Jeffery brought his first camera four years ago and now travels the world as a commercial photographer. The Alberta based boy streams some pretty incredible content of sunsets, sand and snow.

A quiet lake in the Canadian Rockies. Not another soul in sight.

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Couple goals don’t get much more real than Jacob’s account. Director of Content @beautifuldestinations, Jacob’s personal account shows him fulfilling travel adventures to the max with his other half as they gallivant their way around some seriously incredible locations. Expect sharks, skyscrapers and plenty of literal living on the edge, stomach churning experiences.

Alexandra Taylor

Blue, white and green seems to be a common colour theme on Allie’s Instagram. Filled with snow mountains, never ending landscapes, waterfalls, lakes and the most idyllic Greek islands, Allie’s versatile adventures take us from boat trips in Capri, Italy to the dancing northern lights in Norway.  But her diverse adventures always have one thing it common – they look absolutely out of this world!

Paddling into the storm.

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Rob Strok

Seattle based content creator Rob, takes us from deserts to jungles as he documents some awesome videos and photographs to tell a visual story of surreal adventure travel. Proving a picture really does tell a thousand words, Rob’s shots give us adventure envy like no other!   

Lucas Gilman

Photographer, filmmaker, G-technology G-Team and Nikon USA Ambassador all collide into some of the finest adventure travel content around. Lucas’s photographic adventures have lead him to the depths of kayaking in India, surfing in Brazil, and skiing in Alaska, as well as major events like the Tour de France. His vibrant photography has been featured by National Geographic, Red Bull, CNN, and Apple. If it’s good enough for them, it most definitely gets the thumbs up from us!

It's a fine line. @rushsturges crushing Lower Tomata Falls.

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