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This rainbow “inflatable island” in the Philippines is Instagram heaven

If all things unicorn are your true calling in life, or you spend a small fortune buying inflatable flamingos at Sunnylife, then boy do we have a PSA for you. We’ve found a giant floating rainbow island located in the Philippines and as you probably imagined, it’s all kinds of magical!

Located in Subic Bay, around 130km from Manila, it’s proudly referred to as “the biggest floating playground in Asia” and literally consists of a playground of inflatables to enjoy. Our inner big kid’s just dying to have a crack on this larger than life obstacle course.

The giant, floating unicorn paradise is made up of 4,100 square metres of pastel hued inflatable slides, towers, bridges, trampolines and swings. In case you were wondering, there’s also a blow-up horse called Baba, who has his own super slide as well as a rainbow walk and a ‘wavy’ dinosaur. They also list a ‘human launcher’ as a feature of the inflatable world on their website, not quite sure what happens there though.


Just in case you weren’t filled with enough joy, the floating playground’s ‘happy swing’ should fix you up and we’re also dying to have a go on the ‘monkey vines’. In case you were concerned, the Instagram heaven isn’t just limited to the water either. Back on the sand the Pink Bali Lounge features pink and purple umbrellas and beanbags to lounge in – absolutely made for a pastel hued beach selfie.

Tickets are in our opinion pretty cheap, at 499 Philippine peso for an hour pass. This equates to around $12.55. We’re pretty much sold on booking a ticket to the Philippines now and a whole day pass (for just over $21). Inflatable island also lists a floating zoo and cinema as attractions in their water wonderland.  Just in case you needed any more convincing, they’ve also got ‘W’Sup Beaches’ collectors sip cups. Sold!


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