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These are all the reasons why Australians just friggin’ love to travel

No matter where you go in the world, you’ll probably bump into an Australian. We’re seriously EVERYWHERE. In fact, our love of travel is so prevalent that I’ve had people from other countries question me about it, asking if there’s even anyone left Down Under, since we’re always gallivanting across the globe. Contemplating why Aussies love to travel so much, I've come to the conclusion it’s for six main reasons: we get lonely, we love exploring, we have the time and we’re super sociable beings.

We’re so lonely

In case you didn’t know, Australia is an island and it’s SO far away from everywhere else (except you New Zealand, we love you). Being isolated from the rest of the world makes us sad* and we can’t really experience other cultures without travelling. We just want to feel connected to you all and that’s why we’re filling up the planes!

*Maybe not sad, more like curious

Exploring is part of our culture

Unless you’re an Indigenous Australian, you came here from somewhere else. It could be the adventurous spirit of our ancestors that has led to our hunger for discovering the world, or maybe we’re just visiting our family in other countries and exploring our heritage? As I mentioned, you can’t really see the world from Australia, it’s just not that diverse, so we HAVE to explore. Travel is now up there to Aussies like BBQ’s or standing on the left hand side of the escalators; it’s just who we are.


Our weather isn’t as satisfying as you think

We don’t really have distinct seasons in Australia. Most of our trees are evergreen so we don’t get to enjoy the colours of autumn (the two weeks that might be considered Autumn anyway) and it’s ALWAYS hot in the Northern Territory, while Melbourne weather is famous for its four seasons in one day. Don’t get me wrong, our weather is generally beautiful, but for snow bunnies especially it takes a trip overseas to really satisfy the powder rush.

We want to be ahead of the curve

If you don’t live in Australia, you may not know we always get last seasons gadgets, clothes and sometimes goss (Kim K is still married to Kris Humphries, right?). By travelling we can shop current trends and come home with bragging rights about what’s going to be cool and impress our friends and family. Sounds lame, but the moment someone asks you where your jacket is from and you can reply, “Oh I got this in London”, you get major street cred.

Time, time, time

Unlike a lot of other countries, Australians who work full-time get a minimum of four weeks holidays every year. Amazing right? Then add into the equation the fact we’re lonely (see above) and you’d better believe we’re taking advantage of our time away by seeing as much as humanly possible. We might be in Spain one week and France the next and that’s because we know it’s either see it now, or suffer on a 24 hour flight to get back.


We're sociable AF

There’s an old saying in Australia, “they’d talk to a fly crawling up a wall”, that captures our general desire to talk to anyone, anytime. Most Aussies are sociable by nature and we want to find new people to annoy talk to. That’s where travelling comes in handy! We’re storytellers by nature and locals overseas just have stories that are sometimes more interesting than Gary at the pub (#sorrynotsorry Gary).

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