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Ashley Grindrod is a woman on a mission to find dogs their ‘furever’ homes

*six-two 35 under 35 changemaker of 2018 - Ashley Hyslop-Grindrod

If you don’t love dogs, or at the very least respect them and want to treat them well, you can stop reading now. Dogs are man’s best friend, but sadly, many of them are mistreated and left homeless all around the world. To help raise awareness around responsible pet ownership is Ashley Grindrod, one of the founders of TEAM Dog Rescue.

Ashley, who was nominated by Aliya Jasmine, our judge for the animal welfare category of six-two’s 35 under 35 initiative, has always been a dog lover and as an avid traveller she saw that homeless dog populations were a problem worldwide. To help her local pups in Toronto, Ashley, alongside a small group of founders, set up TEAM Dog Rescue, a not for profit, foster based dog rescue that encourages and educates children and adults about the benefits of adopting a dog instead of buying one. Although TEAM has strong partnerships with rescues worldwide its focus has been helping local shelters.

TEAM Dog Rescue is a registered Canadian Charity whose goal is to give dogs a safe place while waiting for their “furever” homes. Ashley has seen the awful conditions street animals live in around the world and it’s these sad scenes on her travels that inspired her to put her energy into animal welfare projects. She’s been on volunteer missions with animal groups in Japan, Mexico, Central America and Africa over the years, and also does important work in her home country.

Starting a hashtag campaign called #THINKRESCUE to reach the masses through Instagram, Ashley has seen awareness and compassion in her local community and wider grow and grow. “The #THINKRESCUE campaign was born out of a need for change.” Ashley says.

"We need to change the perception of rescue dogs as inferior pets. The majority of rescue dogs end up homeless through no fault of their own. They are loving, loyal and grateful for a second chance" - Ashley Grindrod

Ashley’s big focus besides organizing events and the annual party4TEAM is being an ambassador for animal rescue and pet adoption. The #THINKRESCUE campaign is going from strength to strength as she seeks to educate the next generation and community about responsible pet ownership and what we can all do for animals in need.

“There are so many homeless animals out there that need our help. Raising awareness about rescue programs and talking to our children about the importance of responsible pet ownership is key.” - Ashley Grindrod

Ashley’s passion for helping animals is something she lives and breathes. As well as being a mum to a couple small humans, she has also rescued two dogs of her own; Lao and Winston. Her dreamy Instagram showcases her balancing her life and passion for animals, alongside her family, of which her dogs (and the many other rescues she babysits) are treated with the love and respect all dogs deserve.

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