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This Is The Top Tourist Attraction In Every Country Around The World

You’ve only got 24 hours in a country, what do you see first? The best of the best of course! While that will differ for everyone, Vouchercloud has made an interactive map using TripAdvisor’s wealth of data to figure out what the top tourist destination in every (yes, every) country around the world is, making ticking off the bucket list items easier than ever!

They broke the top spots down into one of four categories (historic, natural, religious, tourist) and there’s a clear trend in some countries. You might be surprised to see iconic monuments like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Big Ben in London are overlooked on the list, but we guess you can’t beat the magic of Harry Potter or original Van Gogh’s! Prepare yourself to be inspired by gems you may not even knew existed…

You can view a large version of the map here.

Breaking it down you can see Asia-Pacific has a real mix of all the categories, with India’s Taj Mahal offering no surprises, but New Zealand’s natural beauty (and Hobbiton!) is surprisingly beaten by the Museum of New Zealand.


Meanwhile much of Eastern Europe has historic sights to offer, with Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia the only religious monument to make the cut in that category.


Zooming over to the America’s we find a wealth of must-see nature centred experiences and New York’s iconic Central Park taking it out overall for the vast USA.


What are you waiting for? Get your passport ASAP!

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