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These are the travel stories that got us all talking (and dreaming) this year

Remember these?

An Insta famous couple revealed how much they get paid per post

If you’re big on your travel Instagram it’s more than likely you’re following Jack Morris (@doyoutravel) and his girlfriend Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust). The duo have racked up a joint following of over 4.5million followers, resulting in brands paying them some serious $$$ to get featured on their channels. How much exactly? We’re talking up to $9,000 per Instagram post. INSANE.

The news of their six-figure salary was revealed in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine in January this year, when Jack was questioned about the couple’s earnings, to which he said – “Exact figures are hard to say because every job is different, but we won’t do a post for less than $3,000 USD. The most I’ve personally got for one post is $9,000,” he adds, whilst revealing the most Lauren has ever got from one Insta-pic is $7,500 USD. That’s right, looking beautiful on a beach really can bring in the big bucks, if you bring your strategy A Game.


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The New York Times recruited for the ultimate job

Sure, some jobs have their perks but The New York Times stole the show when they revealed they wanted to hire a journalist to travel the world. Maybe the most sort after job to ever exist is set to enlist one ambitions traveller / journalist who, over the course of 2018, will travel to EVERY destination on the NY Times list of 52 places to go to in 2018.

The ’52 Places to Go’ list is released in January and comprises of a list of inviting destinations which get our travel feels going into overdrive. For 2018, The Times have decided to hire a writer to bring the list to life, visiting 1 location per week whilst telling a story about each destination and life on the road. No doubt the most applied for job in history went down an absolute storm, going viral on Twitter and Facebook and receiving over 5,700 submissions. THE dream job!

Norway claimed the title of World’s Happiest Country

Pushing Denmark off the top spot, Norway took the crown as the happiest country in the world earlier this year. Mainly due to reasons including its caring, freedom, generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance. The country has coincidentally shifted to the top of many of our bucket lists which is no wonder with its incredible outdoor nature, 24-hours of daylight and Northern Light filled skies.



Air France Launches an Airline for Millennials

Shit really went cray when Air France announced the launch of a new airline designed specifically for millennials – Joon. According to Air France “Joon is … a fashion brand, a rooftop bar, an entertainment channel, a personal assistant … and Joon does flying too!”. The airline is complete with USB ports, VR headsets and flight attendants dressed in sneakers and polo shirts. The millennial marketing airline has received mixed reviews, with some deeming it utterly ridiculous. But with the airline having already launched, and flights from $38 we will leave it up to you to be the judge of that one!

A 27-Year-old woman becomes the first women on record to visit every country on earth

In February this year, a 27-year old globetrotter named Cassie De Pecol from Connecticut, broke the world record as the first and fastest person to travel to all 196 countries in just 18 months and 26 days. Documenting her travel ventures via social media, Cassie spent approximately $200,000 (including airfare), spending 2-5 days in each country. Her goal? To promote peace through sustainable tourism. The inspiring female sure did just that, completing her whirlwind world tour as an ambassador for the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism and planting trees in over 50 counties. Cassie has rightfully earned her place in The Guinness Book of Records.


Chile voted the number one country to travel to in 2018

Lonely Planet’s annual round up of the best places to travel to in 2018 proclaimed Chile as the number 1 country. It’s easy to see why this stretch along South America, consisting of everything from the Andes to the Atacama Desert steals the spotlight. With its wine culture, abundance of outdoor adventures, Santiago city life and vast landscapes, this is a destination which sure has got our tongues wagging as we come into the new year!

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