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The World Record for the biggest Mona Lisa made of rice crackers has been broken

Here’s a weird one for you. Not only is there a World Record for recreating the Mona Lisa, but there’s also a World Record for reshaping the smiling enigma from RICE CRACKERS. Sounds crackers, right? Well, the record has been set in Japan and it’s actually stunning.

So you can truly appreciate the sheer scale of this creation, which is a whopping 13 by nine-metre work, here is a visual…




Yes, that artwork (credit where credit is due, after all) is entirely made from rice crackers. 24,000 of them to be exact. The reimagining of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous work was created outside of Tokyo in Saitama Prefecture by 200 locals the area. They took over a local gymnasium and set to work recreating the likeness using a popular Japanese rice cracker brand, Senbei. Of course, these details are important.

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As you can see they opted for a mosaic style approach and used seven different Senbei cracker flavours (and thus, colours) to achieve the shading, including green matcha and soy sauce flavours among others. They absolutely nailed it, achieving an extremely good likeness.


After this monumental effort, once everything was officially tallied and recorded, the cracker painting was dismantled and the cracker artists who participated got to take them all home as gifts. It just goes to show, where there’s a will there’s a way when it comes to quirky World Records.

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