30 things to do in Europe before you die

Time to start living…

Ride a bike around Amsterdam

things to do before you die - image of a girl riding a bike in amsterdam

Sip coffee with a view of the Eiffel Tower

Swim in the crystal clear waters surrounding the Amalfi Coast

contiki legends - image of a boat in the water

Take a selfie with the Mona Lisa

Stare out a member of the Queen’s Guard (and lose, always lose) at Buckingham palace

Buckingham palace guard

Make a snow angel on Jungfrau

Shop for treasures in the Grand Bazaar

Rave it up till dawn in Ibiza

Shake what your Mamma gave you at the Moulin Rouge

moulin rouge friends

Visit two continents in a day as you cross the Bosphorus river in Istanbul

Celebrate midsummer in Sweden

Party at Kings Day in Amsterdam


Run up all the steps to the top of the Duomo in Florence

Duomo florence

Visit the smallest country in the world, the Vatican City

See in the half new year on Korcula Island, Croatia

Take a horse and carriage ride through Krakow’s Old Town

Krakow horse drawn carriages

Get your culture on at the opera in Vienna

Brave a black run on the slopes of Hopfgarten

Play chess with a local in the Szechenyi Baths in Budapest

Play out your Game of Thrones fantasies in Dubrovnik


Dance under the Northern Lights in Iceland

Explore the fjords of Norway

Norwegian fjords

Don a dirndl and chow down bratwurst at Oktoberfest

Pay your respects at the Jewish Museum in Berlin

Learn about one of the longest (and still unfinished) construction projects in history, the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona

Feel all kinds of stylish soaking up the sun in Nice

couple overlooking Nice

Get snap happy on the picture perfect island of Santorini

Down pints of Guinness at Temple Bar in Dublin

Step back in time at the Acropolis in Athens

Fly (or fall, gracefully) like a bird as you skydive over the Swiss Alps

Well you only live once yo! Think the above is inspiring? It ain’t got nothing on the boys from the Buried Life, who turned their dream of exploring Europe into a Contiki Legend by ticking off 100 bucketlist items…IN 10 DAYS. Don’t believe us? Watch the video here.


  • Ginny Copestake

    Urr, yep, mind blank 😉 Thanks for the prompt Denise!

  • Charles Frees-Melvin

    I’ve only done 1/3 of the list.

  • Ashley Arvay

    Love this! I managed to tick a few of these off my list when I did the Contiki Ultimate European this past summer/fall 🙂

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