These Are The Most Popular Locations On Instagram Stories

If you’re a real Insta-fiend you’ll know that the best way to find the most instagrammable locations and map out the ultimate must-dos, is to do some hard hitting research in the form of trawling hashtags. What’s even better than hashtags though is searching the location stories! Instagram knows how much you love it too, and has let us all in on the secret of the top geo-tagged destinations around the world… The strangest thing is, the results aren’t the well-loved locales you’d expect...

Forget the New York skyline, the Eiffel Tower or any of Greece’s beaches; the top geo-tagged destination is Indonesia’s bustling capital, Jakarta!

Instagrammable locations - Jakarta

It’s little wonder given how much the city so close to the well-loved Bali has to offer. An eclectic mix of Javanese, Chinese, Arab, Indian, European and Malay cultures, architecturally impressive buildings to rival any city and the seaside setting you know and love from Indonesia… what’s not to love?

Coming in second was one of the world’s most populated and vibrant cities; São Paulo, Brazil. The mix of modern, colonial and neo-Gothic buildings make it ‘Gram worthy for anyone really doesn’t it?

Instagrammable locations - street art in sao paulo

Entering at third place was the concrete jungle where dreams are made; New York City. No explanation needed for why this bucket list destination is so popular.


Instagrammable locations - man on rooftop in new york

Of course famous London town got a look in at number four on the list, what with it’s beautiful parks, quirky markets, stellar street art and insane food scene.

Instagrammable locations - a canal in london

Rounding out the top five was Madrid, the Spanish city with more museums than you can shake a stick at and some truly charming hidden alleyways.

Instagrammable locations - men in madrid

The only question left really is which location will you ‘Gram first?!