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4 Things You Have To Get Pictures Of In Portugal

Portugal is quickly becoming the hottest Europe destination around. We could spend all day talking about what makes it so special, but why talk when we can show you instead? Let photographer Sam Earp's pictures give you all the convincing you need...

1. The Insta-Worthy Architecture

Belém Tower in Lisbon is cute and iconic, and best of all it’s just one of the many resplendent medieval monuments and examples of Portuguese architecture you’ll find around the country. 

2. The quiet Beaches

If there’s one thing Portugal has in abundance, it’s endless picture perfect beaches. Even the big cities like Porto and Lisbon have them nestled away ready for you to make your own.

3. The Epic City Views

No matter where you go, the city always looks better from on high, and that couldn’t be more true about Portugal. The colourful buildings, terracotta roof tops and water views make for one bloody incredible vista.

4. The Glorious Food

Food, glorious food! We’ll be the first to encourage you to eat your way through Portugal. Everywhere you dine will be a photo-op, whether it’s because it was delicious, or fresh and bright. Usually it’ll be both. As they say in Portuguese… Bom apetite!

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