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These are the best places to travel in April


The poet TS Eliot famously wrote that April is the cruellest month, but we couldn’t disagree more. In fact, we think this is a magical time of year wherever you are in the world. In Europe, petals poke through the soil and twittering birds announce that spring has finally sprung, South East Asia leaves its overstuffed peak season behind but remains mostly hot and dry, delicate cherry blossom paints Japan in pretty pastels, while the blistering sun in Australia makes way for perfectly pleasant early autumn temperatures.

So, it’s time to get packing and get planning. Here’s everywhere you should travel to in April.

Bolivia, Latin America

April marks the end of the rainy season in Bolivia, and there’s only one thing we have in mind when visiting at this time of year: the epic salt flats. Without all the rain of the summer, you can cruise the flats in a 4×4 without any trouble, but they still remain slightly submerged in water, turning them into a remarkable mirror that reflects the blazing blue sky above. As you drive past smouldering volcanos, frolicking flamingos and steaming geysers, you’ll experience vistas unlike anywhere else in the world.


Toronto, Canada

Spring has arrived in Canada, a welcome emergence after the frigid winter temperatures along Lake Ontario. In April, Sakura cherry blossoms illuminate Toronto’s parks, while elsewhere you can enjoy Toronto’s fascinating culture, including the Hot Docs festival – America’s largest documentary festival, as well as the start of the Major League Baseball season.

Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia’s Cartagena is widely regarded as one of the loveliest cities in the Americas. Merging the best of Latin America and the Caribbean, it features beautiful blooms of flower, lazy palm-fringed plazas, beautiful beaches and incredible parties (because balance). April is a great month to visit, the weather is warm but not too humid during the day, while the ocean breeze is delightful. Plus, in April you can enjoy Festival del Dulce, the sweetest festival around, featuring homemade candy from the Caribbean. Candy festival in a sun-kissed paradise? Sign us up!

Seville, Spain

Seville is one of the hottest places in Europe, which makes April the perfect time to visit. Whilst it can reach highs of 40c in the sweltering peak of Europe, in April you can enjoy pleasant weather in the mid-twenties, as you uncover a vibrant city of rich history, beautiful gardens, opulent architecture and incredible food.


The Thai Islands

South Thailand is home to some paradisiacal islands, but they can be a bit crowded with backpackers and partygoers in the peak months. Visit in April and enjoy pristine beaches and beautiful weather without the crowds. Also, take part in Songkran, or Thai New Year, when the entire country turns into a giant water fight – the perfect way to cool down after a spot of sunbathing.

romantic travel destinations - image of ko kradan beach