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10 Best places to travel to in March 2024


Thinking about booking a trip this March? While it may not be the height of summer, you’ll soon find that off-season is just as fabulous! Blending late winter and early spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and late summer, early autumn for the Southern Hemisphere, March is a really unique time to travel the world as the earth wakes back up and comes back alive. Less crowds, easy breezy weather, and all the same experiences as your favourite summer locations! These are the best places to travel in March in 2024!

1. Venice, Rome & Florence

Some say the undeniable charm and beauty of Venice has been sullied by over-tourism in the past few decades. The overwhelming image that may come to mind for some – instead of marble palaces, gothic grandeur and epic waterways – could be gondoliers battling each other for some space in a chaotic clutter of oars and selfie sticks.

Well, there’s an easy solution to this: travel during the shoulder season! Striking the perfect balance between warm weather and low crowds, you’ll enjoy Florence and Venice heaps more in March than any other time of year. And guess what? The pasta is still amazing, and you’ll actually have a clear view of all that art and architecture these cities are known for. 

Group of 5 young travellers sit in gondola, floating down Venice canal

Image source:Contiki

2. Dublin

Cobblestone streets flanked by cosy traditional pubs on either side; green, orange, and white banners hung from gable to gable. This is Dublin, and it’s about the most charming city in Europe and one of the best places to visit in March. We can’t lie, the weather may not be the best sometimes, but what you may lack in sunshine you’ll gain in drama! And also, have you seen Leap Year? You may just find true love…

Not to mention March 17th is the date of the iconic St. Patrick’s Day! A celebration of Ireland’s patron saint, this day is one hell of a party that you don’t want to miss. Sip a Guinness or three and lose yourself in a burst of green as you embark on a huge parade for this cultural event famed all over the world. And, if you’re really not in the mood for Ireland and fancy a hop across the pond, certain cities in the United States, like Boston and Chicago, celebrate this event as well! 

3. Kyoto

March is cherry blossom season in Japan, and though you may be tempted to travel to Tokyo for the jaw-dropping national cherry blossom festival, we recommend you jet over to Kyoto. Don’t fret, Kyoto has its own cherry blossom festival, but we’ve picked this destination over the capital city because of Kyoto’s enchanting landscapes and for it being the beating spiritual heart of Japan.

It’s impossible not to feel tingles snake up your spine as you walk the temples and shrines of this city, winding your way through Zen gardens as the pink petals fall softly on your shoulders, like gentle reminders to look up and soak it all in. March is great for visiting Japan, though to be honest this country is magical any time of year.

Fun fact: did you know that Washington D.C. also has a cherry blossom season?


Image source:Contiki

4. The Galapagos Islands

Like sun-soaked days and warm waters? Then the Galapagos Islands are one of the best places to visit in March, and any time of year, because they’re always a gorgeous paradise. But March is special: this is when amazing flora flourishes in ruddy blooms and turtles, iguanas, and a flock of rare birds come out to play. 

If this doesn’t already sound tempting then keep reading for more. This is the best time of year to experience white sand beaches and crystal clear waters – you can even engage in some whale watching for a chance to see these gentle giants crest over the waves! The diverse marine and avian life of the Galapagos Islands is truly mesmerising; and it’s what made these islands so crucial to Darwin’s theory of evolution.

5. Jordan

As accessible as it is beautiful and culturally significant, Jordan is one of our hottest travel destinations this year, and you could certainly do worse than visiting this spectacular country in March. 

Take a trip to the ancient ‘lost’ city of Petra, carved into dramatic sandstone canyons, as daytime temperatures stay in the comfortable mid-twenties, while night times stay toasty enough for some starlit desert camping. It’s a world class holiday destination that seemingly most people never think about. But listen to us now: explore Jordan in March and you’ll get the advantage of telling all your friends about it when you’re back and becoming the trendsetter of the group…

Petra, Jordan

Image source:Contiki

6. The Austrian Tyrol

March is spring break season, and what better way to have an exciting and dramatic spring break than to hit the Austrian slopes and shred it down the sheer and pristine mountain face. Dotted with some of the best ski resorts (you seriously can’t escape them) you’ll never be bored in the Austrian Tyrol. 

You can avoid the crowds at this time of year, but still benefit from some excellent powder, marking March as one of the best skiing months in Europe. Glide over the twinkling snow in peace, all the way down to your favourite chalet café for a well-deserved round of après-ski Aperols! 

7. The Bay of Islands

New Zealand’s spellbinding Bay of Islands is one of its most famous attractions. Take a catamaran trip through the sparkling waters, stop off at the paradisiacal bays, and acquaint yourself with the resident pod of dolphins. This month marks the end of summer for New Zealand, marking this as one of the best places to visit in March if you’re after a sunny climate and days spent lazing about in the heat. It’s theperfect time to celebrate the changing of seasons. 


Image source:Contiki

8. Valencia

No city comes alive like Valencia in March. Why? Because it plays host to the annual celebration of Las Fallas; a dramatic and flamboyant (pun intended) festival in which giant and ornate wood sculptures are erected throughout the streets and burned to the ground. Yep, you read that right. It’s a festival that art lovers and haters alike won’t want to miss as there’s just nothing quite like it to be honest.

Head over to this Spanish city in mid-March for the cultural event of a lifetime. Explore the city in the day, stop for some delicious paella for lunch, admire the impressive soon to be burned sculptures, and then watch as the city comes alive in a blazing glory. Of all the festivals happening in March this one is truly unique. 

9. Thailand

If you’re someone who really values golden sun rays beating down on their skin all year around, then Thailand is the place for you. With average temperatures between 25-30 degrees celsius even in early spring, Thailand is one of the best places to visit in March. Our favourite way to see this south-east Asian jewel is hopping from island to island

Fill the early portion of your year with the most awe-inspiring views, authentic pad thai and mango sticky rice, as well as emotional experiences such as visiting an elephant sanctuary. Whether you’re looking for a holiday to party, sunbathe, explore, or get close to the locals, Thailand is the one for you!

Contiki travellers in Thailand

Image source:Contiki

10. Costa Rica

Welcome to national parks galore, Costa Rica is about as close to paradise as the world gets. Pristine beaches lined by copses of deep green palm trees, the bluest of waters and bluest of skies, not to mention the insane biodiversity when it comes to fauna and flora – you’ll spot species you’ve never seen before and lose your jaw in the process.

This rugged and rainforested country is home to 28 national parks of exceptional beauty and wonder! From volcanoes to massive waterfalls and coral reefs, Costa Rica is a true playground for those world-wide explorers and there’s no better time than to visit in the quiet month of March.

Start planning your March 2024 trips now!

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