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All of the must-visit Seattle destinations for Grey’s Anatomy fans

The sky is cloudy and grey.

Yes, the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy is still airing on ABC and season 20 is on the horizon. While the focus of the show is Meredith Grey and the doctors working at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital – be prepared for breakups, makeups and scandals – all the drama is set against the picturesque (and sometimes rainy) backdrop of Seattle.

Seattle has been a dazzling setting for so many movies and TV shows but Shonda Rhimes’ hit show (she’s also the producer of Bridgerton!) has brought even more pop culture love to the Emerald City. Even though the majority of filming takes place inside the hospital (AKA a studio in LA), the show also features scenes and exterior shots of Seattle to give it authenticity.

The Grey’s fandom is real and alive, even though they’re always killing off our fave characters, so, when you are done bingeing all 360+ hours of the show and are ready to ditch the screen and see the charming city IRL, here are all the Grey’s Anatomy filming locations in Seattle you have to visit…

8. KOMO Plaza

The KOMO Plaza, previously known as Fisher Plaza, encompasses two buildings adjacent to Seattle’s iconic Space Needle, and has played home to the ‘Seattle Grace Hospital’, now ‘Grey Sloan Memorial’ since 2004. In reality it’s a data centre, but for Grey’s Anatomy it serves as the exterior of the hospital – the helipad on top of this building is often used in establishing shots!

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7. Kerry Park

The Grey’s Anatomy cast and crew have been spotted numerous times filming at Kerry Park. It’s no secret that the park offers one of the most picture-perfect views of downtown Seattle, Mount Rainer, Elliott Bay, Bainbridge Island, and the Space Needle. It’s kind of the place to be if you’re ever in the area… Fans will recognize it from their TV screen right away. If you’re visiting on a clear day, grab a coffee and stay awhile to catch the stunning sunset at this beautiful Grey’s Anatomy filming location. 

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6. Take a ferry ride

Not so much a Grey’s Anatomy filming location, and more an experience, you can’t visit Seattle and not catch a ferry ride! This is a great way of seeing the city from the water and admiring the skyline. You can take different routes which will each offer different views: some of downtown Seattle, others of nature-filled inlets and wildlife. The rides are under 45 minutes as well, just enough time to live like a local and enjoy another cup of coffee. If nothing else, do it for our ferry-lover McSteamy #RIP.

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5. The waterfront

Walk along the Seattle waterfront to see the famed Pike Place Market, eat clam chowder at Ivar’s, head inside the Seattle Aquarium, or walk down to the ferry pier. This classic Grey’s Anatomy filming location will transport you to one of the most intense scenes of the entire show, where Meredith almost drowned in the middle of a rescue mission. Obviously, you’ll be making more positive memories while visiting the Emerald City and a walk along the waterfront is perfect any time of year.

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4. Fremont Bridge

Cross the iconic drawbridge that connects two of Seattle’s coolest neighbourhoods: Fremont and Queen Anne, and take a walk in Meredith’s shoes through her stomping grounds. While you’re in the area, make sure to stop by and say hi to the Fremont troll. 

The cement troll is an 18ft tall public sculpture and resides under the Aurora Bride. The troll is the result of an art competition back in the 1980s, when artists were called to rehabilitate the area, which was becoming a dumping ground. The winning team of sculptors created the troll, inspired by the story, Billy Goat’s Gruff.

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3. The Space Needle

Grey’s fans are sure to recognize the iconic Seattle landmark from all of the posters and city skyline views throughout the series. In fact, even non-Grey’s fans will recognise this skyscraper as it’s incredibly famous! It’s a must-visit Grey’s Anatomy filming location, so be sure to plan a ride to the top. A visit to the observation tower will take your trip to the next level and beyond.

2. Poo Poo Point

Venture a bit outside of the city to Poo Poo Point and you’ll find yourself in one of the best MerDer (Meredith & Derek’s ship name) moments… yes the iconic ‘Candle House’ scene where Meredith builds their dream house out of candles. I’m not crying, you’re crying. A hike up to Poo Poo Point is absolutely breathtaking, on clear days you can see Mount Rainier to the South and from the North you’ll get an expansive view of the entire Seattle Metro area.

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1. The intern house

And last but not least, you die-hard fans have to head to the infamous Intern House located at 303 W Comstock Street to get the ultimate Grey’s Anatomy IG pic. It’s one of the most iconic Grey’s Anatomy filming locations. Across the seasons, almost all of the interns at the hospital lived in this house. The real house was built in 1905, located on Queen Anne Hill, and is now worth over $1.8 million. 

Remember the house does have residents, so be sure to stay on the sidewalk and after you’re done visiting stay and explore the neighbourhood. You’ll find cool and quirky cafes, shops, and restaurants, plus if you walk to the top of the hill expect amazing sweeping views of Seattle.

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