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6 mind-blowing reasons to visit Japan

Osaka Japan

Ramen, robots, ridiculously beautiful sights… you name it, Japan has it covered. Everywhere you look there’s something that is guaranteed to make you gasp. A culture shock of a different kind, Japan is mind-blowing for a whole host of reasons – but here’s six to get you started…

The sheer scale

There are not many sights that can compete with the impressive and sprawling skyline of a Japanese city.

From bustling Tokyo to gritty but gorgeous Osaka, these cities’ boundaries seem never-ending when you get a peek at them from a height. Get ready to feel like a tiny ant on an unrecognisably large ant hill from the second you arrive in Japan – Tokyo prefecture alone has a population of 13 million!… looks like it’s time to get lost in a new city! Here are our top reasons why you should visit Japan:

The ordered chaos

Japan might be packed with people but that does not mean getting around is chaotic… far from it!  If it’s efficient travel you’re looking for, you’re in the right place. Look out for the man whose job it is to make sure your suitcase sits perfectly straight on the airport luggage carousel; the expertly designed queueing systems that would put even the British to shame; and the perfectly punctual public transport.

Even when you’re rattling through the streets of Tokyo in a go cart dressed like Super Mario, there’s order to be found on the streets.

The sumptious sake

No – really, sake WILL blow your mind! The Japanese national drink is a rice wine which has been made in the country for thousands of years. This means they’ve got really good at making the stuff.

It’s stronger than you might think so watch out, but tastes incredibly smooth. Couple this with some karaoke and seriously good city night life and you are in for a great time… just don’t say I didn’t warn you about the sake!


The breathtaking scenery

It’s well documented that Japan is one of the most stunning countries in the world and it does not disappoint. Sit back and breathe in all of the unimaginable, colourful sights this special place has to offer including magnificent temples and shrines, beautiful nature parks, bamboo forests and majestic mountains – there’s spectacular scenery galore. Time to explore.

Japan scenery

The super-advanced technology

Unbeatable bullet trains, buildings packed with arcade games and the huge technological industry are just a few reasons why being in Japan feels like being in the future sometimes. While Tokyo’s Robot Show will feel like a bit of a gimmick, this country’s technological talent is for real.


The mouth-watering food

The grub. The scran. The nosh. Whatever you want to call it, Japanese cuisine is truly out of this world, which is one of the main reasons why you should visit Japan at least once in your life.

Revel in rustic ramen bars that will have you slurping on noodles all day long, try the freshest sushi in the world and mind-boggling kit-kat flavours, go crazy for katsu and don’t forget about the wagu beef that will have you questioning every steak you’ve ever had. Your taste bites will find a whole new meaning to the word ‘tasty’ as soon as they hit this foodie haven.

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Sushi in Japan

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