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Your guide to some of our top sale picks

Contiki travellers in Greece

Looking for the perfect trip to hop on in 2024? Maybe even two trips if you’re really needing that escape? Well, lucky for you, there is a Contiki sale right now and there are some amazing bargains on even more amazing trips. 

But of all the trips on offer, which should you choose? Let us help you narrow it down. If you’re looking for a European getaway – Euro Summer ‘24, right? – then this is the perfect list for you. We’ve picked 10 of our fave Europe trips from the sale, and even given you some reasons why accompanied by dazzling reviews from past passengers! 

1. Greek Island Hopping Plus

What is it, where does it go? The title’s a little self-explanatory on this one, but in case you have any doubts, this trip will take you around the sunny and idyllic Greek islands and offer the cosiest accommodation in between! White sandy beaches, baking under the sun, blue skies, cool oceans, and evenings of laughter and dancing. Rinse and repeat, and that’s the gist of Greek Island Hopping Plus.

Our fav bit: The visit to a local organic farm in Paros where travellers get to meet the family who runs it and learn about sustainable farming practices. It’s a perfect moment of quiet where people get to learn something new and try home-made Greek goodies. The visit to Fira on day 8 is also amazing: the view is just white walls and blue domes, and it’s especially amazing at sunset.

Review: “I had the best time of my life! All the people I met were so lovely and friendly, and Alannah was the best Trip Manager ever. She was kind, helpful, and fun to be around. I definitely recommend Contiki to everyone!” – Angela Mujica Gonzales De Preston.

A woman is solo travelling on top of a hill overlooking the ocean.

Image source:Contiki

2. European Discovery

What is it, where does it go? Europe at its finest, this is the trip that will take you from England to Amsterdam, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, and England again. Landmarks, perfect vibes, new friendships, and lots of coach karaoke – you’ll have the time of your life while seeing so much of Europe in just 12 days. European Discovery is a Contiki classic and a great choice for beginner explorers. 

Our fav bit: We love how this trip changes along with the seasons and becomes so special in its own right. Snow-capped mountains of Austria in the winter, twilight strolls through Paris in the spring, sipping glittery Aperol spritzes in Italy in the summer, and fresh and crisp beer festivals in Germany in autumn. It’s diverse and each experience is an entirely unique one!

Review: “Just perfect! Being able to explore 8 countries in 12 days really activates your travel bug!” – Kaitlyn Page.

3. Simply Italy

What is it, where does it go? Dreaming of balmy days in Italy, visiting all the cultural hotspots and some secret hidden ones? Well, dream no longer, because Simply Italy is here to satiate your curiosity and bring the adventure. North and south, you’ll get to experience both ends of Italy and discover what makes it a favourite destination world-wide. Coasts and valleys, culture and good food – sounds like bliss!

Our fav bit: We love how varied this trip is – you definitely get a bit of everything here whether you’re after the views, the history, the fashion, or the food. One of the best days is in Amalfi during this trip’s MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience which includes a tour of a lemon grove. It’s so peaceful and smells fresh and amazing, and you get to talk to a local family and learn about some history you may not uncover otherwise.

Review: “I had the best 2 weeks in Italy on my Contiki tour. We went to so many amazing places and had some really special experiences, and the Trip Manager made it even better by having everything organised, being so fun and having personal touches as well. We felt like one big family and I cannot wait to do it again.” – Delaney Burke.

Venice, Italy

Image source:Contiki

4. European Highlights

What is it, where does it go? The clue is in the name, this trip will deliver a highlight reel of European beauty, history, and culture – the perfect mix for a globetrotter like you! 14 days, 7 countries, if that doesn’t cure your travel bug (at least for the time being) we don’t know what will. You’ll hit some of the most beautiful major cities of Western Europe, as well as spend some time in glitzy Monaco and the fairytale like Sankt Goar. European Highlights is the one!

Our fav bit: The special stay at Contiki’s Chateau of course! I mean, how can you possibly top that? Nestled in France’s beautiful wine region with vineyards stretching for miles and miles, you’re gifted with a night’s stay in an authentic Chateau. Outdoor dining with the sunset, a pool to cool off, and even an underground party venue… How often do opportunities like these come around?

Review: “The European Highlights tour was some of the best 2 weeks of travel I’d done in a long time thanks to Contiki. The trip did not disappoint. There was a perfect balance between free time to explore the cities and taking part in activities whilst bonding with the rest of the group and making some great memories. I met some amazing people on this trip from all over the world which I’m grateful for and the laughs we shared and times on the coach between countries. I got to see parts of Europe that I’d wanted to see for ages, such as the Vatican, Nice, Venice, and Amsterdam.” – Rowland Daniel.

5. Scandinavia

What is it, where does it go? This is a trip that takes its time bringing you around Scandinavia and really lets you enjoy the fresh air and the wide open spaces. Snap plenty of pics at the colourful port of Nyhavn, Ooo and ahh at the impressive architecture of Stockholm and Oslo, and let yourself be surrounded by bright and vivid green. We guarantee that you’ll feel more alive than you ever have before!

Our fav bit: It has to be the pastry tour in Copenhagen, and the many many walks in nature that dot the trip. Copenhagen rivals Paris for pastry capital of Europe, and honestly the competition is really tight! Sticky sugar pies, donuts filled to the brim with jams, and local twists on pretzels – your belly is bound to be full and happy. The special stay at Torgåsgarden will awe you with all its natural beauty. 

Review: “The trip was absolutely great! From the organisation to the people, these memories I made will forever be remembered. Our Trip Managers and Driver were amazing, we couldn’t have asked for better.” – Luke Harvey.

Contiki travellers at Torgåsgården in Sweden

Image source:Contiki

6. European Horizon

What is it, where does it go? Want Europe and all its beauty but with a hint of thrill? You’ve come to the right place, the European Horizon trip promises that and so much more. A 7 country track that’ll take you through mountains and valleys, vineyards and canals, and of course twinkling cities. Perhaps the most majestic part is the stint in the Swiss Alps where you can really get your blood pumping by having a go on a canyon swing! Calm down afterwards with a guided yoga session at the Contiki Chateau. 

Our fav bit: The many ways of sightseeing that this trip offers. There are plenty of walking tours to take you around Paris, Munich, and the Rhine Valley, but you can also take to the water for the views, or even the sky! Paragliding is on offer in Austria and you’ll soar over the lush open plains of the Tyrol! Or, hop on a boat in the Amsterdam canal for an evening cruise. You can even tour Bavaria by bike and connect with the sights.

Review: “Best experience of my life, loved the travel and the people were great company. Would do it again!” – Kane Goldsworthy

7. Eastern Road

What is it, where does it go? We’ve got a lot of West and Northern Europe, but now it’s time to head East? Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic, you’re in for an absolute treat. The history and culture in this region of Europe is unlike anything else: the street art of Berlin, the ballet and dressage of Vienna, a river cruise in Budapest, and traditional evenings in Prague and Kraków; the 13 days will fly by in a flurry of warm memories.

Our fav bit: It’s got to be the visit to the Sedlec Ossuary chapel in Kutná Hora, the ‘bone church’ – it’s probably one of our most unique and exciting experiences on any trip and we’d definitely book it just to see that! It’s the perfect amount of quirky and weird to get a tingling in your spine and keep you on your toes for the rest of your travels, and that’s what adventure’s all about!

Review: “Everything from start to finish on Eastern Road was great and our Trip Manager and Driver were gold class.” – Timothy Crole.

Contiki travellers in Munich

Image source:Contiki

8. European Quest

What is it, where does it go? A massive one, European Quest is for those travel veterans out there who aren’t afraid to open their mind to the big wide world out there and absorb as much as possible. You’ll be travelling for 25 days through 21 cities and you’ll discover what makes Europe the holiday destination every raves on about! This is the perfect trip for those that want to form ever-lasting bonds as well as you’ll have loads of time to get to know your new friends.

Our fav bit: It’s got to be the Flamenco show in Barcelona. An icon of Spanish culture, flamenco is such a beautiful and intricate dance, and the evening planned for the show is one of the most magical of the trip. Treated with accompanying drinks and tapas, you and your friends can marvel at the beauty of the dance and even give it a go yourself.

Review: “The whole thing was a blast from start to finish. Wouldn’t change it for anything.” – Connor Rutherford.

9. European Magic

What is it, where does it go? Tight on time but still want plenty of experiences? European Magic is the one for you! Wines and beers, altitude and rivers, this is a diverse whirl across Europe that’ll give you everything you need with no sweat off your back. You’ll get to see some underrated locations like charming Lucerne and the enchanting Rhine Valley, while also stopping by the heavy hitters like Paris and Amsterdam.

Our fav bit: It’s got to be Venice, and specifically the gondola tour. Just picture it: you’re with friends, you’re smiling ear to ear and telling stories and sharing laughs, you’re being piloted around Venice’s canals and lagoons by an expert Gondolieri, you get to learn about their profession, the city, and more. It’s sightseeing, wanderlust, and education all in one.

Review: “Would go again. Wish I was still on the trip now! Made friends for a lifetime. Planning my next Contiki now!” – Sarah Galvin.

Travellers in Amsterdam

Image source:Contiki

10. London to Athens Plus

What is it, where does it go? If you’re wanting something a little bit different, something you can really go home and wow your friends and family with, then London to Athens should be the right destination for you. You get the sunniest spots of the continent with historic and cultural stops in Barcelona, Rome, Monaco, and of course Athens. And bonus, you get to discover Albania, a gem of the Adriatic, which is often called the Maldives of Europe! Sounds lush.

Our fav bit: You really get to live a boujee few days on this trip and who doesn’t like a little bit of luxury here and there? When we hit Monaco and the French Riviera that’s when you really get to live it up. Bike rides, fancy dinners, glamorous beaches, and brilliant sun, you and your friends can live like royalty and maybe rub elbows with some stars…

Review: “This was the second contiki I have done and like before everything was perfectly organised and ran smoothly. My guide (Lizzie) was amazing, she knew so much of the history and kept us all on time throughout the trip. I knew nothing about Spain before doing this trip and would not have known where to start in terms of planning. Was really cool to experience so many different places, and the food everywhere was awesome.” – Tess Denham.

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