A completely vegan pizzeria is coming to London

With every introduction of a new vegan product, menu or vegan-friendly restaurant, vegans all over the world can hardly contain their excitement, so it's safe to say we let out a tiny squeal upon hearing the news that Europe’s first all-vegan pizzeria Purezza, which opened in Brighton in 2015, is opening a second branch in London.

A stones throw from the uber-cool district of Camden, the two story pizzeria has the capacity for 100 vegan and non vegan pizza-loving customers. Customers can choose from 3 different types of pizza base: gluten free, sourdough and hemp. As if that wasn’t enough, steering away from the standard one size fits all approach to vegan options, Purezza makes it’s own vast variety of vegan cheese options which include some made from nut bases, and some made from rice blends.

As well as being vegan, Purezza has arguably some of the most creative toppings and pizzas in the game, with equally quirky pizza names. Order “one night in Bangkok” and you’ll be served a pizza topped with stir fried veggies, bean sprouts, peanut sauce and sriracha. Equally yummy, the ‘cheesus’ features a heavenly concoction of soya and nut based vegan cheeses. For all you pineapple lovers out there, Purezza has got you covered with the ‘Indigo island’ pizza – purple sweet potato, pea pancetta and freshly cut pineapple. We’re officially drooling…

Not a pizza fan? Worry not, Purezza will still blow your socks off with its raw food options which includes soup and courgetti, and its awesome pasta options. If you haven’t heard of vegan mac’n’cheese, you’re in for a treat. There are even vegan versions of Italian classic desserts, like tirimasu. Because what is pizza without a sweet treat to follow?


Having an all-vegan restaurant dedication to everyone’s go-to comfort food is a reflection on how many people are turning to plant based diets, and it’s also a great way to show non-vegans that you don’t have to turn away from your faves when giving up animal products.

The owner has stated that the restaurant has a healthy balance of vegan and non-vegan customers who come to enjoy a healthier version of their favourite treat. Joining an already thriving alt-diet food scene in the edgy markets of Camden, we reckon Purezza has the potential to become the UK’s first vegan chain, and we can only hope others will follow suit. Who’s down for an all-vegan dessert parlour?

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