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Europe Road Tripping Fashion: Men’s Edition

It should be no surprise that the plane ride to get to the starting point of your European adventure wouldn’t be the only time you’d find yourself completely sedentary for hours on end. You can expect to find yourself sitting on a tour bus, ferry, or train for a good while as you travel from city to city. But the experiences you’ll have will make all that travel time you spent on your derrière worth your while!

You’ll definitely want your ensemble to be comfortable enough to sleep in while you’re in between stops, but also stylish enough to take photos and upload to Instagram and Facebook to show your friends and family all the fun you’re having. Still not sure what to wear? Fret not! WISHI's got you covered.

Comfortable and Stylish Europe Travel Looks for Men

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Be fashionable and comfortable by wearing a good pair of jeans with a flannel shirt – it should definitely keep you from feeling chilly as the AC blasts on the tour bus or plane. Complete the look with a slick pair of dark denim jeans, comfy sneakers, a messenger bag to hold all your essential items, and a pair of sunglasses… because sunglasses make anyone look 10x cooler when they’re napping. Obviously.

In an outfit like this, you’ll easily go from looking stylish while sampling beers at the distillery, to dozing off into a sweet stupor in the back seat.

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