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There’s another grand canyon in Chiang Mai and OMG

You’ve all heard of the Grand Canyon, but have you heard of the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai?! No? Well hidden away in Northern Thailand is a stunning spot that’s all about the water sports.

Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon, originally known as Hang Dong Quarry, is an old stone quarry site that has been filled with water. While Thailand describes the quarry as its own Grand Canyon, it’s definitely nowhere as big as the natural wonder and is man-made… like all quarries. However, just like the US’s big hole in the ground, this one is also gorgeous to look at.


Unlike America’s Grand Canyon, Chiang Mai’s is less about hiking and more about swimming. Lifejackets and tubes can be rented on site, there are cafes and sun umbrellas and opening hours are 8:30am – 6:00pm, meaning you can spend all day swimming, cliff jumping, sunbathing and exploring the area.

Yes, you can cliff jump. Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon is one of the few places where cliff jumping is considered safe because of the extreme deep water (seriously, you CANNOT touch the bottom) and smooth rock walls. Jumping also happens to be the easiest way to get in the water, although they do have ladders for the less daring of us (and to get out).

Entry is only $1.50 USD too so it’s a super cheap and fun day out that’s great for a crew!

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