Spain has officially been voted the best holiday destination in the world

Turns out not all travel destinations were created equal, and for the second time, Spain has been named the best place to holiday in the world.

The country that brought us paella and Penélope Cruz has beat 136 other countries to top The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness rankings for 2017. Far from being a random selection, A LOT of data was looked at to form the rankings, with Spain achieving a cool 5.4 out of a possible 7 in terms of desirability to travel to.

The countries were rated across a number of categories including: safety, international openness, human resources, health, price competitiveness, tourist services and transport availability.

If you’re wondering what exactly won Spain this coveted position, it was mainly thanks to its amazing cultural resources (coming in 2nd overall in the global ranking) and stunning natural resources (landing 9th overall).

This is hardly a surprise for anyone who has been caught up in the hype around La Tomatina, trying the endless array of tapas and exploring Gaudí’s architecture in Barcelona.

Obviously, we’re in whole-hearted agreement that Spain is a must-see country for anyone. I mean, have you seen the sunsets in Ibiza?

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Or simply gazed up in Granada?

14th century ceilings amaze me 🕍

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Plus, where else can you casually zip-line through a 3rd century fortress?!

Coming in at second and third in the rankings were France and Germany, both equally (except technically not according to this study) good places to travel. Since they’re all in Europe, why not just tick all three off in one go?!