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6 Signs That Prove You’re Actually A Born Adventurer

There’s no right time to find your calling in life. Some people are born knowing they’ll climb Mount Everest one day, and others don’t realise they’re craving a life of thrills until later. There is no right or wrong way to seek adventure, but here are some signs you’re born to do it…

You’ll try anything once

‘No’ isn’t really part of your vocabulary. You don’t just want to try new things, you need to. You’re basically a Gryffindor with courage out the wazoo and you’re not afraid of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

You hate staying in the same place for too long

Itchy feet? Yep, you’re an adventurer! Moving house, booking trips or even just walking a different way home all excite you on a cellular level. Some people might confuse this with running away, but the truth is you just have a yearning for the big wide world.

You always want to see what’s over there

Curiosity is your middle name (and if it isn’t, speak to your parents). You’re the one in your friendship group always organising trips to new restaurants and going off the beaten track to follow the sound of a good time. The need to discover is almost sometimes stronger than your common sense and you can ~occasionally~ be late because of it.

You’re the good kind of stubborn

A lot of people may describe you as stubborn, but odds are you’re the good kind that comes with true grit. You mean what you say, and you follow through with your goals and commitments. Doing things your own way and in your own time is important to you and it’s okay if not everyone can understand that, because you’ve got adventures in you!

You find everyday things exciting

One of the truest tests of an adventurer is finding thrills in the mundane, everyday things. You can’t always be bungee jumping or camping under the Northern Lights, but you don’t mind because the bus ride to work can feel like an adventure with the right mindset. The banana kid (see below for reference) is basically your spirit animal.

You’re creative and resourceful

You collect things even if you’re not quite sure what you need them for yet, you just want to be prepared, ya know? You’re always finding new uses for things or a cool new way to do something. Thinking outside the box is your speciality!

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