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Someone invented a travel adaptor that works in over 150 countries

Some genius on Kickstarter has created the world's smallest universal travel adapter that's compatible in over 150 countries. This space saving adaptor is a game-changer for international travellers taking leisure and business trips alike around the world.

And we want in. MICRO is a new travel adapter in a slick design that was designed to be simple, versatile and perfect for all your future travel essentials.

This travel adaptor works in 150 countries ?

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It has been described as the “world’s smallest and the best-designed travel adapter you’ll ever own” and whether you are a business traveller or backpacker looking to minimise the heavy load of your gadgets, this handy and well-designed MICRO is guaranteed to tick all the boxes. Not only is it compatible in over 150 countries, it’s also surge safe which basically means that it’ll protect your devices from electrical surges, even in the most remote locations on Earth. This tiny gadget packs a punch weighing in at only 40 grams and can even fit nicely in your pocket.



MICRO - Travel Adaptor
“All you have to do is insert your respective plug into Micro, release the socket required on the electric socket of the country you’re in and that’s it. With Micro, you’re ready to plug in your devices and connect to the world…wherever you are.” - Olawale, founder and CEO

This is a game changer for international travellers but be mindful that a patent is still pending.

For more information and to purchase Micro at reduced early-bird prices only available during crowdfunding, visit the Micro Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

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